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Wa Ssalam Alaikum to you all,

The title of this question i know will get a lot of people interested.

I have found a mathematical equation that proves Allah is the creator, that we have free will, that there is a judgment day and that there is a hereafter. I should also state it answers a lot of questions in mathematics and physics that mankind have pondered over since the selected schools of thought existed. For example it answers the question of infinity and proves that mathematics is set and there is no type of meta studies.

Most People don't realise but there is only one truth in our universe and that is mathematics. We can tell people about the glorious Quran and its mathematical miracles of pre knowledge, but until you have physical evidence in an equation - a non-Muslim will remain a non-Muslim no matter how much we preach. The Quran is only considered the truth and correct because it agrees to mathematics. Now I have physical evidence that Allah is the author, as every Muslim already knew.

The amazing part of the equation is that every Surah in the Quran is within the confounds. It is such an easy equation that due to its simplicity it actually is undeniable. All humans know the answer, we just never said it in an equation.

Please my friends understand the severity of this find. Once I get in contact with the right people there will be a lot of changes to mankind.

  • ANY atheist, pantheist, polytheist, non-theist who doesn't believe in Allah and his oneness due to lack of evidence will be proven wrong.
  • ANY religion who believes Allah has walked amongst us or had begotten a son will be proven wrong.
  • ANY human who does not accept The Quran as the word of Allah would be proven wrong because as stated before the Qurans every Ayat, is within the confounds of this equation.

My question is however this

Whom do I contact?

I have searched for scholars of Islamic background within the fields of maths and physics but all i ever get is pre 20th century search results. I have contacted universities from all subjects including physics, mathematics, theology, Islamic studies to no avail. I have contacted media renowned Islamic scholars to no avail I need to contact someone who can help. Does anyone know who?

Please note friends I am not stating I know the unseen or that I'm something I'm not. I do not want any recompense for Allah has given me a gift and as a Muslim it is my duty to pass it on. This is the greatest Dawah discovery to date.

Alaikum Salam and thank you

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how about Dr. Zakir Naik from IRF, Islamic Research Foundation?

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If Islam is true then why did the so called truth just came to pass 1450 years ago. And I'm not using so called to be rude but how ever old this earth is and you quantifying infinity which you seem to be the only one in the whole world that can do that why wait so long?

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PLEASE READ FULLY BEFORE COMMENTING. Give up 5 minutes of your life and l will give you THE THEORY OF LIFE and proof of Allah in mathematics and science that is undeniable because of its simplicity.

lt also gives evidence of free will, judgment day and hereafter. Also the Qurans every Surah falls within the confounds of this equation

Let me explain

l was looking at the glorious Quran in a numerical format which has already been provided

What l mean is l started with simple maths from Allah, for example

Allah is 1. This is is given numeric.

Then I started adding other numbers to values that Allah has provided us in the Quran.

Just so you can understand how easy it is;

A simple but powerful comment in the Quran like

"When he decrees a matter, he only has to say Be, and it is" is easily definable with mathematics.

The art of saying/stating is an addition. The Quran goes further and mentions that this decree is a commandment, "BE"

We also understand that "lt is" in this commandment is the actual creation being created. So an addition has been added to the equation. Every creature is an individual 1. Due to him being the creator and outside of our mathematics and not restricted by the governing laws of mathematics the created "1" can not be added the initial (1), so the created 1 must have brackets.

Hence, this line in the Quran in a numerical format is

Allah (1) only has to say, Be (+) and it is (1) Or simply

1 + (1)

This is not the equation however. this is merely to show you how easy Allah speaks in mathematics. The equation I have also can not be denied from a scientific perspective.

I will make it as short as possible. Please understand in doing so many areas will be left in the grey.

Firstly We need to start breaking everything down to its core. Being a Muslim site I don't know if you all would like me to explain how I got to the oneness of Allah or not. I will very briefly for convenience.

I started working with the simplest form of mathematics - binary.

Binary has many advantages besides being simple. It only deals with a complete number (1 =100%) and nothing.

After giving everything it's own unique binary you can start removing every addition onto the binary of life. We don't have to possess any knowledge of the unseen to calculate this. All we have to do is start working backwards from our current position. The process of elimination is quiet easy to do from our current state..

So to make it easier we know there are approx 7 billion people on earth.

We can remove each individual "1" from the total.

Then let's say there is approx 80 billion Stars, eliminate them, 8 billion galaxies, if we happen to find any other universes besides our current then eliminate them and so forth - even as to say- the unseen chemical compounds until you get to the initial energy.

You eventually end up with the initial 1.

THIS PROCESS of elimination is not uncommon in science. We have already done this. The LHC was built specifically to find this initial "1", which is called the Higgs Boson OR recently been given the title “Gods Particle"

lf we remove any further however you are left with nothing.This is where Science and Religion have been in debate for sometime. How can we come from nothing? Well ....

Quantum mechanics tells us that we can come from nothing BUT in order for this to be achieved, the laws must be in place of nothing to produce something.

We call this religiously Allah's commandment.

So we have two options either accepting that the initial ‘I was created and reproduced  OR  the initial 1 was commanded to exist and reproduce from a hidden deity.

Either way we have a creator at the beginning and a command.

The command is defined as + because it isn't the actual value that is being explained but the tasks taken to get to the initial creation. For example if I say/command something I am adding to the conversation as I explained earlier.

Now that we have in place a "1 +" (Allah being 1 and + being his commandment or addition onto the equation) we have to start breaking down the only truth we know in our universe, and the universal language down to its core - mathematics.

When dealing with binary it is quiet simple, the task is already done because all you deal with is + addition and - subtraction or positive and negative respectively.

You see in our current knowledge of mathematics we have many different

symbols be it for multiplication, division, square root and so on. All these symbols are group methods and fancy ways of dealing with the core.

The core of all of mathematics is +\-. For example 3 x 2 = 6 Or  3 groups of 2

(1 + 1 + 1) + (1 + 1 + 1) = 6  Plus and minus are the core of mathematics.

Literally "Everything" can be explained by using these 2 symbols if they can be subjected to our laws.

To better explain, something to exist it must have a positive and a negative. The art of seeing something is due to it either reflecting light or absorbing it. Even if we don't see it, it's chemical compound must have a positive and a negative for it to exist, for example air.

As Muslims we also know Quran states everything was made in pairs. +|-. It has been a common misconception in Islam that people translate this as solely male and female. This has been proven wrong from Science. The Quran is actually talking about "EQUAL and OPPOSITE". 

So just to get you guys on par again the equation currently is 1 + +|-

But this equation is missing time and space within the restrictions of mathematics. Einstein proved in his theory of relativity that the universe is finite. This means within the equation mathematics is its own entity with its own restrictions. It means the initial 1 can not be in the same category as the created 1 due to it not being confound be time and space ; Hence brackets 1 + (+|-) This here is in a religious verbal sense is the same as saying

Allah 1, creates (+), everything (+|-)

Now for the important area that we never noticed or tried answering

This is also saying in a mathematical verbal format One 1, outside of our +, mathematics (+|-)

So I asked myself, what does 1 outside of then added on to our finite mathematics equal to?

There is only one thing that can exist outside of our restricted mathematics and everything.

That is infinity.

So the equation is

1 + (+I-) = ∞

Again this equation reads 1 outside of our mathematics, is infinity.

Some mathematicians argue about potential infinity within the confound of mathematics.

They also argue that there are numerous type of infinity. I argue because of the equational evidence that there is only 1 infinity and every potential infinity is part of that totality infinity and moreso, due to being restricted by a finite situation, infinity within the confounds of mathematics does not and can not exist.

This is the only explanation of infinity that doesn‘t go against our law of mathematics. It can not be wrong because we are finite and hence infinity would have to be an addition to it.


So far even though I've incorporate some religious comments, I have explained it in a scientifically acceptable format. Now for the religious significance of this equation

In a religious sense it explains something phenomenal.

1 + (+I-) = ∞

The equation explains Allah, Free Will, Day of Judgement, Hereafter.

To judge something is to determine its outcome, in a mathematical sense this is explained as  Equals symbol "=". In other words life must have come to a conclusion and must have a day of judgment, or an equal sign in the equation

Also the hereafter is for eternity or for an infinite amount of time hence in mathematics hereafter is defined as infinity ∞. This is not only the hereafter but it is the attributes of Allah, the best of his names

he is the Omni of everything. So the infinity symbol incorporates all of his 99 glorious names

1 + (+|-) = ∞

This also shows that Allah gives humanity free will within the brackets, he allows you to do whatever you want within these confounds. It also explains that if you follow a more positive path than a negative path, once judged (=) you will either go to heaven +∞  or vice versa hell -∞. This also means that once we die it will be scaled and you don't have an option of either going from either heaven to hell or vice versa.

Also it also proves that Allah only gives positive 1+ or only creates good. The initially positive covers this aspect,

Now how is this proof of Islam and Quran being the word of Allah?

Get any Surah from the Quran and it fits, either 1 ayat, combination of Ayats or the whole Surah fits within the confounds of this equation.

Let me give you an example Quran 112 Say he, Allah is one 1

Allah is he in all whom depend + (depend for creating or giving anything)

He begets not, nor is he begotten (he isn't born or comes from so he (+|-)) And

none is like him

Or single Ayats rather than Surahs 59.22 He is Allah besides Whom there is no god 1

the Knower of the +

unseen and the seen (-I+)

He is

the Beneficent, the Merciful

I have written nearly 80 pages so far on the implications of the strength of the equation and what it can be used for. This equation gives a whole new tasfir to the Quran. I can explain Quranic stories now That EVEN though we understood the idea behind it, we never saw the Depth. For example inshallah I will provide an account of Musas life that is more in depth and detailed, as Well as better explained than any other tasfir you've ever read before

For example this also means that every prophet was born a prophet and that miracles are not changing mathematics, as to the main reason why science disagrees with religion, but more so before the mathematics is set in place the miracle is put in there at the 1+ stage. This means Allah does not change our mathematics at all.

lt also means that Adams heaven was at the (+|-) stage in other words worldly heaven and not the hereafter heaven. Adam could only see the + within mathematics and iblis made visible the - negative

This also proves wrong Christianity. You see the 1 + (+|-) = ∞ is not read like this for the Christians. They see it as 1= (+|-)= ∞ Or in verbal sense that  Father, 1 is equal to the son (mathematically bound son) (+|-) who is equal to the holy spirit ∞ But it can not be and this proves it once and for all.

lt also proves that any types of infinity that we have in mathematics are not actually infinite. There is only one type of infinity and every type of infinity is just a part of that.

Please read it carefully and comment. I have left out so much details but tried to pack it in. I wish to hear from all of you sooner than later inshallah

1 + (+|-) = ∞

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If you are right, then I say Alhamdulillah, I have witnessed a great moment in history.

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I have spoken to many mathematicians and physicist and they all agree it's correct. Unfortunately as soon as they realise it proves The Quran as the word of Allah and especially that Allah is the creator, they tell me to keep quiet and don't mention it to anyone.

Please understand the severity of this find

ANY atheist, pantheist, polytheist, non-theist who doesn't believe in Allah and his oneness due to lack of evidence will be proven wrong.

ANY religion who believes Allah has walked amongst us or had begotten a son will be proven wrong.

ANY human who does not accept The Quran as the word of Allah would be proven wrong because the Quran every Ayat, is within the confounds of this equation.

As soon as they realise they tell me to keep quiet. The last guy i spoke to was verbally crude towards me. Even though he didnt deny he was cursing and making threats. This is why I'm looking for Islamic scholars. I need our scholars to bring it to light. I need them to tell the scientific world. In all honesty the way they react after understanding made me suspicious that they might do something to me. That is why I am not only writing a book, but I'm pasting comments all over the Internet just in case.

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Maths is man made and can not prove the existence of Allah

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actualy wats d question?

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Aselamu aleikum, dear brother Alhamdulilah,for the gift Allah has given you,I hope and pray you achieve your goal,bi'iznillah.I think you should go to this,and talk to the man himself.May Allah protect and cover you with His mercy. Your sister in Islam.

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Made a video explaining it in detail.

Allahu Akbar 47000+ views 500+ likes

I thank Allah for everything.

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Of course becuz Maths is language of Allah-galileo

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Aslam o alykum,,,, interesting work..... May Allah give hidyat to all of us.... being a Muslim our believe is every Muslim go to jannat,,,, if he has some misdeeds in his life then first he will go to jahanum and after completing his time in jahanm,, he will sent to jannat,,,, how your equation deals with this...

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Allah Akbar,Samad ,Wehab ,Ghanee, Mughnee,Baseer,Khabeer,Awal ,Akher ,Zaher, Baten,Qader,Qadeer,Malek and so on Allah may give us all Idayat and protection against Satan and every evils act ,I ask almighty Allah to expand your knowledge in order to achieve your goal as soon as possoble (in-shallah) take it tight you will be succeeded. wa salam

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